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The advertisements for lipsticks draw attention to women by their colorful and flashy images. These advertisements are definitely eye catchers. The ads use women as sex symbols. For example the advertisement with Nikki Minaj supposed to portray Nikki Minaj new collection of lipsticks called Pink Friday. However the advertisement has Nikki Minaj with provocative clothing on a bike and a man wearing an open shirt revealing his chest and abs. Young beautiful people are used in the advertisements with stylish clothing. Also celebrities are the face of certain collections. Nikki Minaj and Rihanna are two of the famous faces of Mac’s collection of lipsticks. Most of the lipsticks being advertised are people of a lavish life style. The ads are showing famous and wealthy people. They never seem to show average working class women. About half of the advertisements included models. These ads are telling women to look younger and be skinnier. It’s a mass media phenomenon that infiltrates our daily lives while we’re not even paying attention, and they scream out a lot of sexist epithets underneath all the buying of the product. The media and advertising plays a huge role in influencing what women view as “beautiful”. Flooding women’s brains with the tan, tall, slender bodies of modern models is a tactic the media uses to keep society up with the times. If a certain image is repeated enough through television, printed ads, movies, commercials, billboards, etc., society will accept this image as the norm and copy it. The products being advertised of lipsticks are of models which make women envy them and want to purchase products to look more like them. They give false advertisements to women by allowing them to think t that is the way they are supposed to look in society and if they do not purchase these products then they are not beautiful. It makes them think that if they do purchase this they will be a happier person and fit better into society. These are all unrealistic expectations. Most of the products they advertised are not the only product they use to get the look we see on the advertisements. For example the photo of Rihanna is supposed to advertise lipstick. However Rihanna is not only wearing lipstick she is dolled up in beautiful makeup and fancy clothes. These ads not give you the lavish look you see on advertisements. The models are photo shopped and airbrushed there is no possible way you would be able to receive the look in the ads of these women. Also most of these women featured on the ads are Caucasian women with only a few of different race such as Rihanna and Nikki who are famous women. These stereotypes being made challenge gender type identity. It puts an image in your head that the only kind of beautiful women in the world are Caucasian women. And that if you are not of this race you are not classified as beautiful. This is not a positive message being sent to young girls. Young girls grow up in a society where beauty sells and it forces girls to wear makeup instead of being natural. It makes them feel that if they do not wear makeup then they are not beautiful. For black and Hispanic girls it makes them feel that they are not beautiful because of the color of their skin.

Where you place your camera makes a huge difference in how your subject appears in the final image. Ads are taken at different camera angles to get a different affect to the audience members. Certain shots taken create an intense mood and provide interaction between the audience and the viewer. It is important to have the perfect camera angle when advertising products. Throughout the images of lipsticks the lips are accentuated. The lighting of the camera is perfect so we can see the fullness of the women’s lips with the lipstick she is wearing. The lighting seems to be artificial in a way that makes the glossy and lustful. Sometimes the woman’s lips are parted in a perfect shape that accentuates the lips and makes it flattering and sexy. There are different positions that the camera man has to learn in order to pull off such an effect. For example a high camera angle (above their eye level) will emphasize the face more than the body. This is good for a heavier set person, to help them appear slimmer if that’s desired. A low camera angle (below their eye or even chin level) can make a person look taller, or seem as if they are more powerful. But, this is not very flattering for most people. You end up looking up their nostrils, and the body appears larger than the head and face, which is generally not desired by most people. (Skwirk 3). This is important to know in order to make the product you want to stand out and be noticed. Certain parts of the advertisements are highlighted especially the lips while others or not. For example the lips tend to be closer and sometimes the face is left out with only the lips being shown. Or the product can stand alone by itself. These angle shots are made to make women want the product. This can be seen in the way the lipstick is being held with elegance and grace.

In conclusion advertisements give false advertising to people. They are harmful to people in society because it gives false images of what beauty looks like and makes women feel that if they do not live up to these images they see in the magazines and ads then they are not beautiful. This is absurd because the models of these images do not look the way they are seen in photographs. They are photo shopped to present a certain look to society. Advertisements also uses sex appeal as a way to purchase products making women think they must be sexy and wear provocative clothing to be accepted in society. This is not the case however everyone is beautiful and should not let false advertisements tell them who they are as a person and lower their self-confidence. However as society transforms and changes over time, our image of beauty will subsequently continue to change as well.


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